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Creative Viktoriia Vlasenko: a new perspective

A talented fashion designer, the founder and owner of the popular chain stores “TERRASSE” where famous and successful people of Chernihiv dress, business lady Viktoriia Vlasenko sterted clothes sewing in a sixth form, and then became a student of the European Institute of design in Milan. And even then she took part in a fashion show for a famous magazine “Vogue”, and then could choose the two ways fashion industry that dictates the fashion, or creating a suit on the order. But she did not want to work in commerce, and to adapt to fashion because she wanted to invent a variety of original outfit of her personal
brand. So the idea arose to create in our country the prestigious shops of clothes “TERRASSE”, because Viktoriia has many of French and Italian clothes manufacturers.

In addition, however, Viktoriia is actively and creatively cooperating with our Philharmonic center. The designer has produced several costumes for the actors, in particular for Olga Pechko (in the style of romance and with the use of metal), and for the play “Alice in Wonderland” (fantasy), and hopes that in the future this cooperation will continue.

– Viktoriia, tell us what is the owner of the network of shops of brand clothing has managed to create original costumes?

– When I individually have created forged mannequins for my shop TERRASSE “in” Hollywood “, the Director of the Philharmonic Center Dmitro Obednikov saw them and asked to use them in one of the performances. And when he knew, that I am also the designer – he proposed to create more author costumes. But their design of suits has its own specification, and it is need to add a contemporary view to the stage clothes – starting from fabric, furniture, and finishing by fresh perspective and a keen sense of project author’s think: stating of the concert, the performance of the artist.

Just at that time the show “Alice in Wonderland”, concerts of Olga Pechko, other projects required the costumes, and I agreed to do them, even it required a lot of time. I worked in different styles from the romantic image to the rock-brutal, the costumes for dancers was also interesting.There was a lot of nuances, for example, metal armor I made from other lightweight materials, because heroes had to move quickly, jump, perform various tricks

There are three costumes of the main characters of the “Alice in Wonderland” costumes of Alice, Queen and Hare were created. They must be original and clear at the same time (for which I have got acquainted with many literary sources). By the way, the play was in English. I also used a lot of metallic luster, which is well visible to the spectator, from the first and last row. My suits are designed so well that the were not disposable and had a future – worthy of the future – the Hare suit should be needin the play “Cinderella”, for the role of Prince, and also the Queen’s costume will have a perspective. Similarly, the new scenarious are written under the costumes, created for Olga Pechko’s concerts. All of the attests of the creative perspective and non- standard design solutions.

– What the original materials are used in your work?

– In my last project I used an interesting material “liquid glass” (this is a type of silicate), which is not often inherited to the clothing, I often use fake
materials, and make experiments with the oxidation of materials due to my familarity with chemistry. I take a metal wire, various artistic and construction materials (funam, sealant, silicone, etc.)


– What would you like to work in the future?

– I would like to work with funam. My dream is to get acquainted more with the structure of real metal corset, which is considered as stunt in the clothing business, which is not basic for me. And yet I would often create products with a 3D printer, which is actually helping designers and reduce the amount of manual work.

– What types of art and images are interesting to you in the future?

– Many images have been realized, and consequently we could think on the images of superheroes in film and sculptural images together
with make-up artists, as, for example, a very good image of a mermaid was created, and with which the vacationers were photographed on the beach because it was accepted as the real sea exhibit, which was washed ashore by the waves. Also, I want to work in the historical, architectural directions, which has always interested me. For example, the image of Anna Karenina and the like. It would be interesting to make a search with filmmakers in the process of the recent interpretations of famous works.

– Where you take your inspiration?

– I often read a lot (I mean proper historical and historical literature). And I visit museums to create the historical costumes. Sometimes I study human
anatomy more. Also I am inspired by nature, and b any unusual combinations of colors (even the transfusion rainbow of colors on the surface of the pool), which I try to convey in my works then.

– Share plans for the future, please.

– Of course, I will continue the work of the designer and develop the direction of my brand clothes, but I would like to work in the film industry in the role of costume designer. So I am ready to cooperate with interesting filmmakers and producers. In General, I do not stand on the place, so be sure to get new things from Viktoriia Vlasenko…