Martha Ieliseieva – interview with Viktoriia


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Viktoriia Vlasenko has set a crazy tempo of her life. She is constantly lack of time and her biggest wish is to get enough sleep. But she has an ambitious goal: to leave her footprint in history. Viktoriia is an artist, dress designer, a business  woman, terrifically talented and self-motivated personality, and also just a fragile and beautiful girl. However, any man can be jealous of her stiff character.

For her still young age the girl has managed to do a lot: received a few professions, got a prestigious European education, has worker in Hollywood, created her own brand of clothing and network of fashionable clothing. And she is not about to stop having yet more plans.

But her biggest hobby is to create theatrical costumes and costumes for stage performance. Chernihivers had a chance to see Viktoriia’s work during a solo concert of Olga Pechko, a singer of the Chernihiv regional philharmonic centre, festivals and concert programs. A stage act, created by Viktoriia , was original, bright and enchanting.

The talented artist is not a frequent guest in our city, her destinations are Kyiv, Milan, Paris where she goes on business. We met with Viktoriia during one of her visits to our town.

Our talk with Viktoriia is about creative activity, about the directions of activity, about study in the Academy of design in Milan. Work in Hollywood, professional realization in Ukraine.

The girl started her life from a scratch several times and was not frightened by difficulties. Maybe that’s the reason why she always achieves success. She came from the Chernihiv region and after leaving school she went to the capital. She entered the academy of arts, spent there one year and it was realized that she was not her cup of tea, since she wanted to try herself in the film industry. But she was not issued any visa and she went to Canada. Worked there as a cook, studies the language.

Upon return to Ukraine, she had an ego-trip-worked as an administrator and even painted icons. During her free time she was busy with her favorite matter – painted, made sketches of theatrical costumes, modeled clothing. She paid a lot of attention to study the English language. She realized that without a prestigious diploma her Hollywood would just remain to be a dream. And she entered the academy of design in Milan. By the way, from about 100 applicants she was the first and sole representative of Ukraine.

– It was a real school of survival, – Viktoriia recollects. – You had to constantly prove your professionalism, creativity, singularity. I had to work very hard, I had almost completely forgot about sleeping. The world of fashion is very cruel, the one who gets into it, would no choose methods to be a success. During studies I felt envy, meanness, fraud, cruelty. It was especially difficult to learn special terms. At that time I knew English quite well, teaching was conducted in English but there were alot of specific, technical words which were not easy to understand. Three years of studies were a real challenge for the character but I bore everything. When I finished the study, I felt a relief, – Vitoria shares her memories.

From 100 students diplomas were awarded only to six people. And Viktoriia was among those lucky devils. Now a wide world is opened for her. Fashion houses offered her a job, but contract terms and conditions were so stiff that she went freelance. She again thought about her dream of film industry. And she went to America. Holliwood, without a doubt, did not await a girl from Ukraine. There is not any profession of theatrical costume designer there. Costumes are created by artists and this profession is a family one. It is very difficult, if possible at all, to get into the creative team. However, Viktoriia has managed to do even that. Her portfolio with work samples impressed the producer and she received a job.

– It was the interesting experience. America is a very dynamic country requiring high level of competence. My constant feeling was that I did not meet the requirements, sort of a syndrome of non-conformity. While it was not the case, I still had some fear. The Americans like to advertise and praise themselves. However, we can not do it and do not do it. When the work started, I saw I could do a lot more than my colleagues. I liked to work in the team, meet new people, create various costumes, work with various materials. Hollywood gave me a colossal experience which, I am sure, I will need in my future life, – Viktoriia says.

She had a few finished projects, there were new proposals, so there was certain stability. But Viktoriia does not completely understand the sense of this word. As she understands it, it is associated with tranquility, and this is not her cup of tea. She has a need for a constant move forward, development.

Her life made her return back in Ukraine. She was nervous fearing how her native land would meet her? What would she be busy with here? Two years ago Viktoriia returned to Kyiv. A new circle of life gave her a great impetus for further development. Viktoriia has created her own brand of clothing, opened a network of shops. She is busy creating theatrical costumes, makes exclusive dolls.

The girl is constantly experimenting with materials, she likes combining the things that do not seem to match at all. She works with metals and wood, plastic, fabric. When creating a scenic image, she tried to make it unrepeatable. To be able to do that, she needs to know what lightening will be like, where the cameras will be located, what materials will look well on camera. To her mind, the image must have an integer and it must reflect the idea of ​​the producer.

Viktoriia is very critical to her work and is constantly looking for any errors. She has a constant feeling that something could be done better. But there is one work that she still feels proud for. This is a sculpture composition which she created when being a pupil in the sixth form for the fairy tale “Snow White and seven dwarfs”

The girl has almost no rest, just sometimes she allows herself to have two- three free days. All her life is movement forward to reach her main goal and leave her name in history.